Ramon Bautista Dates Maria Ozawa

Radio DJ, actor, university professor and all around funny man Ramon Bautista has been dubbed an ‘Internet Superstar’ for a very good reason. Ramon has been a popular viral personality since even before the term ‘viral’ was ever coined.

On his personal Facebook page, Ramon launched his new web series called ‘Ramon My Way.’

The format of his new show is simple: Ramon invites a guest over to talk while they drive around the busy streets of Metro Manila – getting into all sorts of antics.

The first official episode aired on Valentine’s Day and guest starred another famous internet figure.

His first guest was none other than renowned AV Idol and adult film star Maria Ozawa.

The episode begins with a sly Ramon telling Maria that’s he’s seen plenty of the AV Idol’s “interviews.” Maria laughed it off, understanding the implications of what Ramon meant.

He then proceeded to ask Maria about her stay in the Philippines and how she found our culture.

Ramon asked, “How do you like the Philippines?”

“I really really love it here. It’s so fun, the food is really good, the people are so nice,” she answered.

“What about the guys?”

Maria said, “The guys, they’re so sweet. Compared to Japan , they’re [Filipino men] like you know ‘ladies first’ and they give you flowers. They treat you really nice and they sweet talk you… They don’t have that in Japan. It’s the culture.”

Ramon laid down some of his Pinoy charm on Maria when he asked her to translate the Japanese phrase “aishiteru” which means “I love you.”

On the topic of men, Ramon asked the adult film star what she thought of ‘bad boys.’ She said that bad boys were “better” because they were “challenging.”

Ramon was surprised and told her that bad boys tend to break girl’s hearts. Maria agreed and said that was her point.

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