Jollibee Valentine’s Videos Go Viral





Less than two days after they were first posted on the Facebook page of popular fastfood brand Jollibee, three videos celebrating the joys of love went viral and garnered a total of over 27 million views as of posting time.

Inspired by true stories, the videos titled “Vow,” “Crush” and “Date” were the most talked about subjects in social media in the last 36 hours as they all struck a chord with netizens who are mostly in Valentine’s mode already.

“Crush and “Vow” are a study in contrasts. While “Crush” is a feel-good story about a college boy who falls head over heels and ends up with the love of his life, “Vow” focuses on the heartwarming slash heartbreaking story of a man who falls in love with a woman who instead becomes his best friend and ultimately weds someone else.

Of the two videos, “Vow” has so far garnered more than 11 million views while “Crush” now has over 9.4 million views.

A third video, “Date,” directed by acclaimed independent filmmaker Pepe Diokno, was posted late Friday afternoon and to date has 6.6 million views. The video is another heartbreaking-heartwarming story, of a boy who followed the instructions of his late father to be his mother’s Valentine’s date.

Unitel/Straight Shooters Media produced the videos in collaboration with Jollibee and its advertising agency McCann Erickson as part of the “#Kwentong Jollibee” series.

Jenny Gapiz, executive producer for Unitel/Straight Shooters Media, said that the campaign actually began more than a year ago.

“Last December, we decided to create three different stories about love and not just romantic love,” Gapiz recalled.

Tapping Dela Cruz, who directed most of the “#Kwentong Jollibee” videos as well as indie directors Ruiz and Diokno, the creative team for the project, came out with three different stories based on real-life incidents.

“There was a basic story but everybody was given inputs especially the directors on how to treat the videos to make them more cinematic,” she added.

“Bong Legaspi, the writer of ‘Vow’, who works at McCann-Erickson, said that ‘Vow’ actually happened to a friend but the identities of those involved were not revealed to us.”

For the actors, Gapiz said they got Melissa Atadero and Mark Tam as the best friends who did not end up with each other while Matt Rhoads played the groom.

“For the #Kwentong Jollibee series, we went with fresh TV commercial talents and they even underwent a workshop before the shoot,” she pointed out.

Asked if they knew that the videos, especially “Vow,” would be this popular, Gapiz said that they were already excited as early as the brainstorming phase and had an inkling that people would like it.

As for those who compared it to “First Love,” the 2009 commercial from rival brand McDonald’s about former sweethearts who also did not end up with each other, Gapiz again pointed out that “Vow” was inspired by a true story and not just the concept of an ad agency’s creative director.

Stressing that the “#KwentongJollibee” videos are team efforts, Madonna Tarrayo, president and group chief operating officer of Unitel/Straight Shooters Media, added that “the beauty of every piece is always the collaboration that brings the story to life.”

“We are lucky to be working with creative minds. For Kwentong Jollibee, it really started with having the directors and the creative team most suited for every story,” Tarrayo concluded.




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